who am i?

My name is Marcin Brzezinski, and in 2018 I am celebrating my 24th year as a voice teacher and vocal coach, including 14 years as a voice rehabilitation vocologist.

Born in Eastern Europe and living in Quebec for almost 30 years, I am passionate about the voice, the human body and learning. My clients, professionals and amateurs, come from various musical backgrounds and perform in many different styles: pop, jazz, musical comedy, rock, r’n’b, soul, gospel, hip-hop, blues, francophone, folk, impro and exploratory music, slam and world music.

My passion for the human voice prompted me from the very beginning, to study, compare, integrate, then teach various traditional and modern vocal training techniques as well as, incorporating global approaches such as yoga, the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkreis Method and other breathing, relaxation, and performance anxiety management techniques.

After ten years of vocal studies and research in vocology in Quebec, the United States and Europe, I’ve created the DVI method (Développement Vocal Intégral) which I use for private lessons, for professional coaching, vocal rehabilitation programs, “Your Voice: an Owner’s Guide” workshop series in Quebec and Europe and blog posts on this site.

In addition to helping many singers, comedians, presenters, journalists, speakers and business people to find their voice and reach their potential, I am pleased to see the DVI method being used successfully by professors at several universities and CEGEP’s throughout Quebec today.

As a coach, I have the deep conviction that a person of any age, any level and any physical condition can train vocally in order to find their voice, express themselves freely, improve their vocal health and as well, for the simple pleasure that comes with singing.

Looking forward to singing with you!

Marcin Brzezinski, B.Mus., Vocal coach, vocologist


Marcin Brzezinski, vocal coach and vocologist for 24 years, has developed a modern method of vocal training (DVI) used today by many artists and singing teachers at institutions including University of Sherbrooke, Collège Lionel-Groulx,  and Trois-Rivières CEGEP.

In 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018 respectively, his clients Julie Lefebvre, Marie Bélisle, Mademoiselle and Caroline Noël became participants of the popular TV show La Voix (The Voice).

In Sherbrooke his students included Vincent Vallières and Mathieu Lippé then more recently Charles Lavoie (dear criminals) and David Goudreault (world champion in poetry slam, performer, writer and columnist).

In Montreal, he had the privilege of working with many artists from the national or international independent scene (Kim Churchill, We Are Wolves, Blood and Glass, Land of Talk, Fanny Bloom, Coco Meliès, Krief and many others), successful back-up singers and several winners and finalists from contests such as Ma Première Place des Arts and the Granby International Song Festival.

In Quebec City, he has worked with local artists (Val Thomas, Miles Clayton, Ombre, Calero), has done vocal rehabilitation for voice professionals and still offers his “Your Voice: a User’s Guide” workshops.

A collaborator of the Voice Clinic at the McGill University Health Center for the past 14 years, Marcin works in rehabilitation with professionals in spoken and sung voice. He also gave the first conference in Quebec which allowed the audience to see vocal cords on a big screen in real time (with Dr. Françoise Chagnon).

A graduate of the Université de Sherbrooke, Mr. Brzezinski has attended many advanced seminars: McGill University, New York Singing Teachers’ Association, Frédéric Chopin Academy (Poland), Richard Miller’s Institute of Voice Performance Pedagogy in the United States, and most recently a workshop in Technique du Chanteur Moderne (Allan Wright approach) and vocology workshops at the Pan-American Vocology Association (PAVA).


My mission is to allow my clients to express themselves freely in the vocal style of their choice by aquiring good techniques and vocal health.

What is Integral Vocal Development (DVI)?

The developed Integral Vocal Development method is based on vocology (the science of vocal training) which offers practical exercises which improve posture, relaxation, breath, projection and diction.

Since in modern life we ​​only use a small part of our vocal potential, DVI allows a person of any age, learning level and physical condition to develop their voice in order to to express soundly and freely in the musical repertoire of one’s choice and to gradually increase the capacities of one’s vocal cords.

The exercises proposed have been very carefully selected and are always adapted to the needs of each person. They are inspired by different European and North American approaches and methods, both historical and modern. Their effectiveness has been validated by scientific studies and, above all, tested in real life by many vocal coaches and singers.

The learning is done in the form of a directed practice, in an atmosphere of openness, non-judgment and benevolence: in addition to knowing how to use the voice, the person integrates the different techniques through concrete examples that are easy to assimilate.